Are There More Male Or Female Cam Models On Onlyfans? [Facts & Figures]

Cam modeling is one of the most popular forms of content on the Onlyfans platform, and it’s one of the aspects that gives it its racy reputation.

The platform is a way for creators to earn money via different ‘tiers’, where they provide their audience with content relevant to their subscription package. 

Are There More Male Or Female Cam Models On Onlyfans? [Facts & Figures]

Cam models can also earn tips on the platform, which are pretty self explanatory. If a user likes a particular cam model enough, he can send her tips as a gesture. But, how many of the cam models on the platform are actually males? 

After all, social bias makes us presume that the majority of people in this demographic are female.

But this simply isn’t the case. If you want to find out more about who exactly uses Onlyfans as a means (see also: What Does PPV Mean On OnlyFans?)of cam modeling, along with how much they earn, keep reading below to find out more, as we take a closer look. 

What Are Cam Models? 

Before we jump straight in, we need to clear up what cam models are, for those of you out there who don’t know already. Cam models are essentially models that broadcast their images and photographs over the internet. 

Perhaps when you’ve been browsing the web before, you’ve noticed a few ads popping up, advertising camgirl (see also: How To Use Your Phone For Camming [Camgirl Beginners Guide])positions?

This is because the number of women in particular opting to partake in camgirling is on the rise, and many are starting to see it as a lucrative business opportunity. 

Essentially, camgirls are paid a fixed fee for their content, and users can give them extra tips too, if they’re a big enough fan. This makes Onlyfans an ideal platform, as this is essentially how the website operates. 

What Do Cam Models Actually Do? 

In terms of what cam models actually do, this will vary from person to person. Most cam models will take their videos from the comfort of their own home, and although the content can be described as pornographic, many reject this term. 

This is because the models are operating on their own terms, and most of the sexual acts that they partake in for their viewers don’t involve another person, but rather consist of a solo act. 

Cam models can make a great deal of money making these videos, and it has been demonstrated that some can make up to one thousand dollars, from just one item of content. 

How Much Do Male And Female Cam Models Earn? 

In terms of how much money cam models can earn on the Onlyfans platform, the number ranges widely based on a number of different factors, mainly as a result of the popularity of the creator. 

It has been demonstrated that on average, a female cam model earns around 4340 dollars a month, which is a significant amount of money for a side venture. 

There does however, seem to be an imbalance between how much money male and female cam models earn on the Onlyfans (see also: How Much Does Trisha Paytas Earn From Onlyfans?)platform. 

There is a huge gap in the amount of money that men and women earn via this website, and it seems to do with the fact that there are more female cam models in the website’s top percent.

So, of the top 10 creators on the platform, only two of these cam models are male. 

This means that of the 60 million dollars earned by these creators, only 9.59 million of this sum is accounted for by men, or 16.59 percent. 

This seems to suggest that audiences seem to have more of an interest in viewing female rather than male cam models. This isn’t that hard to believe however, as the majority of the subscribers on the platform are made up of men. 

For example, the number of male subscribers on Onlyfans is around 77.36 percent, whereas the number of female subscribers on the platform is only 22.64 percent. This shows that the platform is clearly favored by men. 

Although this doesn’t necessarily mean that there are more female than male cam models on Onlyfans in general, it does mean that the females in the business are making (see also: How Much Can You Make On OnlyFans In A Week/Month? [Facts & Figures])the most money. 

Are There More Male Or Female Cam Models On Onlyfans? [Facts & Figures]

Some Other Facts About Onlyfans 

Speaking of female content creators on the platform, it has actually been revealed that the actress Bella Thorne made a colossal 1 million on the platform, just 24 hours after she’d created her account. 

The average age of people subscribing to this account and others on the platform ranges from anywhere between 35 and 44 years of age. As we mentioned before, the largest demographic is male audiences. 

How Often Do Cam Models Work? 

The amount of hours that cam models dedicate to their work will vary from person to person, as everyone has different schedules that they need to adhere to.

There is no set amount of time that cam models are required to dedicate to their work, but the more time and effort they put into their content, the more lucrative the venture will be. 

It has been suggested that of every 20 cam models working today, only 3 of those 20 are doing it full time. Other people have things that they need to juggle alongside their camming. 

On average, 18 hours of the week are devoted to doing cam work and engaging with audiences. There are several factors which influence how much money a cam girl will make, which aren’t related to the amount of hours they put in. 

One of the biggest factors is age group, and it has been shown that cam models that are over the age of 40 will earn much less than those who are of a younger age group.

As well as this, experience has a lot to do with it too, and the more experienced cam girls will tend to rake in more cash. 

Why Is Onlyfans So Popular? 

Some of you reading this might be wondering why Onlyfans is such a popular option for both creators and users. This is because it has gained so much popularity and traction over the past few years, with an actual 500 percent growth rate during the pandemic. 

This means that it’s a highly lucrative option for creators to showcase their content, as there are so many potential subscribers. The website has also gained notoriety from several celebrity creators, including Blac Chyna, (see also: How Much Does Blac Chyna Make On OnlyFans?)Bella Thorne, and Trisha Paytas, to name a few. 

Final Thoughts 

To sum up, although we don’t know the exact juxtaposition of male and female cam models on Onlyfans, it has been demonstrated that cam girls are far more popular on the platform. Of the top 10 content creators on the website, only a few of those are male. 

The majority of people subscribed to Onlyfans are male, with around 77.36 percent. Females, on the other hand, only make up for 22.64 percent.

Andrea Williams