Can You Screenshot Onlyfans?

Many people who are subscribed to Onlyfans accounts will want to screenshot the content that they’re viewing. Whether this is for personal use or to be distributed on other social media platforms, this is a commonly asked question amongst users. 

Taking screenshots on Onlyfans is heavily discouraged by the platform, but despite this, we often see content which comes from the website on forums such as Reddit. But, is this actually legal, and is it okay to take screenshots on Onlyfans? 

Can You Screenshot Onlyfans?

To find out more about the topics, keep reading below, because we’ve got all the answers. 

Is Taking Screenshots On Onlyfans Legal? 

So, let’s jump straight into it and answer the question at hand, is taking screenshots on Onlyfans against the law. The simple answer to this question is, no, taking screenshots on Onlyfans isn’t illegal. 

You can actually take screenshots on the platform without coming up against any legal action.

If you take a closer look at the specific clauses outlined by Onlyfans on their terms and conditions, you’ll find that they specifically state that you can’t share screenshots amongst other platforms. 

So if you were to post it all over the internet on social media platforms such as Instagram or Reddit, it could get you into trouble, as the clause specifically states that this isn’t allowed.

Most of the time however, the platform does not take action against these occurrences, as there are simply too many to keep up with. 

But, in general, if you’re not planning on circulating the screenshot that you’ve taken, it isn’t technically illegal, because you’re keeping it for personal use. 

Will The Creator Know That You’ve Taken A Screenshot? 

Something that many people are weary of when it comes to taking screenshots on Onlyfans, is whether or not the creator will be aware that you’ve taken the screenshot.

The simple answer is, no, the creator won’t be able to tell that you’ve taken a screenshot of their content. They will not receive any kind of notification to tell them so. 

The service won’t know if you’ve taken a screenshot in the first place, as it doesn’t have the capacity to register this. This is unlike other social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat, which can tell if you’ve taken a screenshot. 

You should however, be aware of the fact that taking photos of your favorite creators might prevent them from creating future posts.

Despite the fact that Onlyfans doesn’t notify them directly after a post has been screenshotted, if they see their work plastered over the internet, they’ll likely lose their motivation to create future content. 

So, taking screenshots isn’t a good way to support your favorite Onlyfans creators. 

Can You Screenshot Onlyfans?

How Do You Take A Screenshot On Onlyfans 

Despite the fact that it is morally ambiguous when it comes to taking screenshots of your favorite Onlyfans creators, if you don’t plan to distribute it, it’s not technically illegal. 

If you don’t want to get caught out for taking screenshots on Onlyfans, you’ll need to make sure not to post the images on forums or other social media platforms. This could get you into legal trouble. 

Despite popular myth, a black screen does not appear when you screenshot a photo on Onlyfans, (see also: Best Black OnlyFans)but rather, it is just like capturing a screenshot on any other website. 

In order to capture a screenshot on your PC, simply press down on the ‘print screen’ option. If you have a Mac, on the other hand, you’ll need to press shift, command, and 3 simultaneously.

Finally, if you are an Android or iPhone user, you’ll be required to swipe downwards to see the menu, then go ahead and choose the option. 

Can You Download Videos? 

Another commonly asked question asked by users of Onlyfans, is whether or not it’s possible to download videos from the website. The simple answer is, no, you cannot download videos directly from the social media platform. 

If, on the other hand, you wish to use some application which allows you to record the screen privately, you are able to do so. Again, this will not notify the creator, and a black screen won’t appear on your device. 

Despite this, it is again, illegal to distribute any video recordings you’ve made directly from the onlyfans website. You could incur legal trouble if you decide to share these with others. 

Onlyfans Is Not A Mobile App

Many people who aren’t familiar with Onlyfans, or aren’t subscribed to the platform, might not be aware that it’s not a mobile app. Onlyfans is primarily based on the web, and you’ll need to locate the website using a regular browser. 

In order to take a screenshot on Onlyfans, you’ll need to be registered with the website in the first place. After this, you can subscribe to some creators that you’re interested in.

As we mentioned above, you’ll need to be careful and avoid distributing screenshots to other platforms and websites. 

If you’re caught sharing screenshots on other platforms, you could risk being suspended, or even banned from the platform itself. Onlyfans have the legal right to remove your account,, and prevent you from registering in the future. 

Final Thoughts 

Many people think that if they were to take a screenshot on Onlyfans, it would somehow notify the creator, or the screen would turn black. This simply isn’t the case however, and it is completely possible to take screenshots on Onlyfans. 

Despite this, if you choose to share these screenshots on other social media platforms, or websites on the internet, you could incur some legal trouble.

The terms and conditions of the platform explicitly state that you cannot share screenshots taken of creators on the web.
Andrea Williams