How Does Webcam Modelling Work? [Beginners Guide]

If you’re looking for a good side hustle you can do from the comfort of your own home, you may have considered becoming a webcam model. 

The popularity of the online sex industry is only increasing, with sites such as MyFreeCams reaching four million visitors each month! 

How Does Webcam Modelling Work? [Beginners Guide]

This has led to some online models making serious cash, some even reaching six-figure digits. 

This article will be discussing webcam work, as well as how you can get into this line of work. 

What Is Webcam Modelling? 

Webcam modelling involves performing in front of a camera for viewers on the internet in return for money. This can involve anything from showing off your body in sexy lingerie to performing certain dances and scenes. 

You can also engage with your audience in order to create content they would like to see. In return, they will tip you or send you gifts. 

While you can start off on your own, creating your own website and offering your own services, you can also join a hosting website. 

This website will already have traffic generated to it, and once they host you they will be able to connect you with its audience in order to gain a following. 

How To Get Into Webcam Modelling

Now that you know what webcam modelling entails, you can decide whether it’s a side hustle that you want to go into. If so, here are a few tips for getting into this kind of business. 

Find A Good Website 

As mentioned before, you can either go it alone or join a website. While going alone has its perks, joining a website will already connect you with an audience. 

Therefore, if you are just starting out, joining an adult website is a great way to get your foot in the door to start gaining fans. 

However, there are a few things you should consider when it comes to choosing a website. Firstly, you need to be aware that these sites will take a percentage of what you make.

Some will take as little as 20%, but others can take around 70%. 

Some will pay you weekly, and monthly, and will also have certain rules when it comes to tips and gifts from fans. You should always carry out research on each site when it comes to this, to see what would suit your needs best.

You should also see what kind of web traffic each website has. Beginner models should steer away from those that have less traffic, as it can be hard to build a reputation on these kinds of sites. 

Privacy is another thing to take into consideration. If you’d like to remain anonymous, some sites will allow this, whereas others can’t guarantee anonymity.

Acknowledging what it is you’re willing to share and risk as a sex worker will help determine what site is best for you. 

You’ll Need A Good Quality Webcam

Aside from a computer/laptop and a stable internet connection, you’ll definitely need a high-quality webcam. 

While your laptop may have an internal camera, the quality is not normally high enough for live webcam shows, so you’ll need to purchase an external camera for your webcam modelling. 

Good Lighting 

In order for your viewers to be able to experience all your best angles, you’ll need amazing lighting. 

You also don’t need to spend a fortune on good lighting. You can play around with different lamps and light sources that you already have, or you can purchase a couple of umbrella lights.

These will really increase the quality of your live streams, and will lead to many more tips! 

An Appealing Profile 

An Appealing Profile 

While being a good performer is important, it is only part of the job of becoming a webcam model. You’ll also need to up your social media marketing game. 

You’ll need to advertise your profile on social media platforms in order to gain an audience, even if you’re working with a website. 

Having some great glamour shots and headshots is a great way to attract people to watch your performances. These help draw interest to your profile before people have had the real show! 

Posting regularly on social media platforms will also give your viewers the chance to see what your life is like. This will make them feel more connected to you, which will lead to more viewings and more dollars! 

Extra Tips For Successful Webcam Modelling

Now that you’re aware of the basics you need to cover in order to become a webcam model, here are a few extra tips in order to be successful! 

Make Your Set-Up Look Natural 

If you make your set-up look like a studio, it diminishes all personal elements of your performance.

However, filming in your bedroom, or a chosen room in your home, not only makes you look more down to earth, it makes your audience feel a little more connected to you as you are showing them a tiny glimpse of your life. 

Change It Up Occasionally

The last thing you want is for your viewers to get bored with looking at the same background and props in your videos.

Consider changing the setup or angles occasionally, and try finding some new props, and even mixing it up with a few costumes! 

You can get inspiration from engaging with your audience. See what kinks they enjoy, and what kind of outfits they’d love to see you in.

Include Some Free Videos

While this may sound counterproductive, including some free videos on your profile will attract more viewers. 

If they like what they see on these videos, then they are more likely to want to see you perform live on camera. Think of these free videos as teaser trailers for the real thing! 


You’re bound to be nervous on your first few shows, but you can’t forget to smile. Smiling on camera will make you look a lot more down-to-earth and approachable.

It’s also a good idea to talk to your audience, and when doing so, be sure to look into the camera as if you were looking at a real person. 

This will make the whole experience a lot more personal for your audience.

Keep The Shots To A Minimum

Some webcam models enjoy taking shots on camera in return for tips (this also helps to calm any nerves). While this is a fun game, it’s important not to go overboard. 

This can lead to a messy performance and may lead to you doing some things you wouldn’t do if you were sober. 

Therefore, if this is something you’d like to do during your performance, make sure you set a realistic limit for yourself.

Final Thoughts 

Webcam modeling involves performing in front of a camera to a live audience in return for payment. 

It is not difficult to become a webcam model as the industry is booming, but it does take hard work, creativity, and perseverance. 

When starting out, it is best to join an adult site, as they will be able to connect you with an audience in order for you to start gaining a following. 

From then on, all you need is a stable internet connection, an external webcam, and some good lighting! 

Andrea Williams