How Much Does Trisha Paytas Earn From Onlyfans?

When we think of some of the most prolific internet celebrities out there, Trisha Paytas is certainly one who comes to mind. She has gradually gained popularity from her Youtube channel, where she regularly posts about controversial opinions and topics. 

In recent years, she had a very public argument with podcaster Ethan Klein, and left their show together. Since this however, Paytas has continued to thrive in terms of finance, and Onlyfans has been a big source of income (see also: Does OnlyFans Count As Income? [A Guide])for the internet celebrity. 

How Much Does Trisha Paytas Earn From Onlyfans?

But, just how much does she make using this social media platform? Keep reading to find out more. 

Just How Much Money Does Trisha Paytas Make On Onlyfans? 

So, let’s jump straight in and answer the question at hand. We don’t have an exact figure of how much money Trisha Paytas earns, but she is one of the top influencers using the platform.

This ensures that the celebrity earns a 7 figure number from using the platform alone. 

Although the general subscription for her Onlyfans account is only $4.99, she makes the majority of her money through personalized videos and content for people who are willing to pay. 

Who Is Trisha Paytas? 

Trisha Paytas is one of those controversial figures that most of us have heard of. Although she has lived in America for most of her adult life, she actually comes from Hungarian heritage. Her parents divorced when she was younger, and she has a half sister called Kali. 

Before rising to stardom with Youtube, she had dreams of becoming a movie and TV star. She made minor appearances on TV shows such as who wants to be a millionaire, and the Ellen Degeneres Show.

It was in 2007 when she first created her Youtube channel, which was a relatively new platform at the time. 

She created a ‘dumb’ persona for her online content, where she would often make fun of herself in a self deprecating way.

As well as this, she became a controversial figure for releasing a video about the 2012 election. Here, she trolled people with her opinions on the topic. 

She gradually moved away from this persona, and started to share more authentic videos where she shows her true personality. She is credited for inventing something which appears ubiquitously on Youtube in recent years, the mukbang. 

The mukbang videos are responsible for making her as popular as she is today. In the videos, she eats a series of different foods, whilst directly addressing the audience and talking to them in a conversational manner. 

In 2019, she raised a lot of controversy when she said that she identifies as a trans (see also: Best Trans OnlyFans)man. There was a big outcry, as many thought she was saying it for attention.

She has since released an apology about the video, and said that she didn’t have the words to describe her experience at the time. She has since said that she identifies as non binary. 

She also caused a great deal of controversy following her fall out with Ethan Klein. Klein revealed that she used ani-semitic language when describing Jewish people. Using the abbreviation ‘jew’ regularly, which is often regarded as a pejorative remark. 

In addition to her other ventures, she has also released a series of different music videos, where she performs whilst adopting a Britney Spears style of voice. She has produced music over a series of different genres, including pop and punk rock. 

Her album Daddy Issues, which was released in 2015 became incredibly popular, and even managed to make it to the Billboard HeatSeekers Chart, coming in at number 25. 

How Much Does Trisha Paytas Earn From Onlyfans?

Mental Health Issues 

Trisha Paytas has publicly revealed on her channel that she has been diagnosed as having borderline personality disorder. This is a mental health disorder which distorts the way that you see yourself and others. 

It can dramatically impact your mood, as well as create abandonment issues. People with this disorder will often experience intense and tumultuous relationships with others. 

How Much Money Does Trisha Paytas Earn On Youtube? 

Trisha Paytas makes a significant portion of her income from Youtube videos alone, which she posts on a regular basis. She has several different channels where she posts different content, and all of these channels together boast an incredible 230 million views. 

Because she has such a large following on Youtube, she has made over 6 million dollars from her videos. The actual number is likely far higher than this however, as we’ve discounted sponsored deals, where particular advertisers pay her a lump sum. 

Where Does She Live? 

Those who have been following Trisha Paytas will know that she’s married with one daughter. She recently married her partner Moses, who is the brother of podcaster Ethan Klein’s wife. Their relationship was a big part of their conflict. 

Trisha Paytas and her family live in California, in a place called Westlake Village. Their house is worth a total of 3.7 million dollars. 

What Is Trisha Paytas’s Net Worth? 

In terms of net worth, Trisha Paytas boasts a net worth of around 10 million dollars. This figure comes from a whole host of different things, including her Youtube channel, her Onlyfans, her real estate investments, and public appearances. 

Final Thoughts 

Although there is no exact number for how much money Trisha Paytas earns from early fans, the star is one of the top influencers on the platform, and so it is safe to assume that it is a seven figure number. 

Trisha Paytas also makes a lot of her earnings from Youtube videos, where she makes approximately 6 million dollars per video. She resides in California with her husband Moses, and their young daughter Barbie.

Andrea Williams