What Does PPV Mean On OnlyFans?

PPV is an abbreviation for Pay Per View. It is a commonly used term that is not only reserved for OnlyFans. 

On OnlyFans, Pay Per View refers to a message that is shared which requires a payment before your fans are able to view it. This article will explore Pay Per View on OnlyFans (see also: How To Pay For Onlyfans Anonymously)in more detail so read on for more information! 

What Does PPV Mean On OnlyFans?

What Is PPV On OnlyFans?

PPV messages are sent by a content creator to their subscribers. They require the subscriber to pay for the message to be unlocked. If the subscriber does not pay, they will not be able to view the content of the message. 

The price for the PPV message will be set by the subscriber and the prices can vary in price greatly.

In order to set up the payment for the PPV message the creator will go to their messages section on the site, attach the media and message to the account that you wish to send it to and click on the price tag at the bottom of the site and set the price that you wish to charge. 

Who Will Receive The PPV Message? 

These messages will be sent out to anyone who the creator wishes to send them to. Sometimes, this will be to individual subscribers, and sometimes they will be sent out to lots at the same time.

What Is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is a site that was created where creators can upload content. Subscribers can pay monthly in order to see everything that the uploader is putting on the site. It was created for adult content. 

OnlyFans is a revolutionary site because before it existed, there was nowhere for content creators to make money from their content without having advertisements paying for it. 

OnlyFans is tip based and subscription based, meaning the creators will make a lot of money from their content. 

What Do People Post On OnlyFans?

There are lots of different types of content that people on OnlyFans (see also: How Much Do People Pay For Semi Nudes On OnlyFans?)post. These include: 

Videos. Videos are very integral to OnlyFans, and they are either imported onto the site or they are taken on the site.

You can opt to post these videos on your profile, or you can choose the PPV (Pay Per View) option, meaning that people will have to pay extra if they want to watch your video. 

Images. These are pictures that are usually imported from your phone. If you are posting pictures of yourself with other people, the other person must also have an OnlyFans creator account. Other than this, the pictures should only be of you. 

Audio. You can add audio messages to your profile if you would like to speak to your subscribers. You can also send voice messages privately to your subscribers and these can be PPV. 

Polls. You can also set up polls for your fans to vote on the kind of content that they would like to see going forward. 

Text posts. You can also type out messages for your fans to see. This works if you want to update your fans on certain upcoming content or things that are available to them. This is a great way to stay in touch with your subscribers.

Live cam. It is possible to post live cam streams to OnlyFans. You have the option to make this a free live stream for your subscribers or to make them pay for it.

All of these types of content are easy to make as PPV. 

What Does PPV Mean On OnlyFans?

Is OnlyFans Only Used For Adult Content?

OnlyFans is not only used for adult content, although this is the main aim of the site. Some make-up artists and musicians also use the site, but it is mainly used to display pornography. 

On the site, creators upload content onto the site and people will subscribe to it. They can also charge PPV as explained above. 

How Much Money Can You Make On OnlyFans? 

The amount of money that you can make on OnlyFans (see also: How To Make Money On OnlyFans With Just Pictures [How Much Can You Earn?])will vary depending on how much time you invest in your business. People make between $500 and $10,000 on OnlyFans.

You do have to be intelligent about the way that you run your profile as you should never give anything away for free, and you should make sure that you are charging PPV for the interested subscribers. 

You need to ensure that you are paying your taxes if you are a creator of OnlyFans (see also: Does OnlyFans Automatically Take Out Taxes?)as they do not work out the taxes for you. Instead, you count as a self-employed person, so you will need to work out your taxes yourself.

A lot of creators end up hiring an accountant to help them with this side of things because they are much more qualified to deal with the finances. This will: 

How Can An Accountant Make Your OnlyFans Business Bigger?

A good accountant will be able to help you to figure out what you can claim on business expenses if you work as an OnlyFans creator. If you work from your home, you will be able to get discounted rent prices as a tax return.

You will also be able to claim for any beauty products, gym memberships, lighting equipment and cameras. 

Having an accountant is a great way to make sure that you are paying your taxes correctly, meaning that you won’t end up being hit by a big tax bill at some point further down the line.

Final Thoughts 

PPV on OnlyFans refers to Pay Per View, where the subscriber can pay a certain amount to see some content that the creator has sent through. When you agree to pay, you will be able to open the media that has been sent to you.

You can choose to go down the PPV route as a creator using any of the media that you can upload to the site. This includes videos, images, voice notes and many more. 

Andrea Williams