Can You Sell Feet On Onlyfans?

The number of different ways that content creators can make money on Onlyfans nowadays is truly astounding. Where there is a niche, there will always be an audience who are interested.

Most people reading this article will have already heard of foot fetishes, and it’s actually an incredibly lucrative venture in the Onlyfans community. 

Can You Sell Feet On Onlyfans?

If this is something that you’re interested in partaking in, we’ve compiled a handy guide below that you can refer back to when needed. It details all of the different aspects of selling foot photographs on Onlyfans, including how to take the best photographs. 

If you want to find out more, simply keep reading below, as we take a look at the world of selling foot photographs. 

Why Onlyfans?

For those of you out there who aren’t already aware, Onlyfans is an incredibly popular tool for creators who want to make money (see also: Can You Make More Money Webcamming Than On OnlyFans? [Comparison Guide])from images and videos of themselves.

It has gained a reputation for being racy in nature, and much of the content posted on the platform is pornogrpahic in nature. 

The majority of the users on the platform are male, accounting for over 70 percent of those with an account registered. Female creators are the most successful on the platform, and make up the majority of the top 10 producers. 

How To Get Started With Selling Foot Photographs On Onlyfans 

Selling photographs of your feet on Onlyfans is actually pretty easy once you get started, but before you start raking in the cash, there are several steps that you’ll be required to take. 

Before you can successfully sell your photos, you’ll need to undertake the task of creating your account.

This is a pretty easy process as far as things go, but along the way, you’ll need to provide the website with a means of identification, such as a passport or a driver’s license. 

This is because you need to be 18 years of age or above to register with the website, so they need to check that you are who you say you are.

After they’ve checked your identification (which can take a little while), you’ll get an email verifying that you’ve been accepted. 

Now, you can get started with your account. One of the first things you should do is enter your bank details so that future subscribers can pay you for your work, along with sending you tips. 

You will also need to set the subscription price, which you should aim to keep pretty low when you’re just getting started out.

We recommend that you keep it at around 10 dollars or below, otherwise you might lose out on potential subscribers if the fee is too high. 

When you set up your profile, make sure that you already have some foot photographs at hand, because these will act as your profile picture, and your banner.

It’s a good idea to choose the very best photos that you have for these, because ultimately your page will be responsible for drawing users in. 

As well as this, it is also recommended that you have around 10 more photos available for users to witness when they visit your account after it’s been set up. This way, you can start gaining subscribers as soon as possible. 

We also recommend that when you’re choosing an username for yourself, make sure that it’s reflective of what you and your page are all about. If you want to keep your privacy, make sure to leave any personal information such as your full name out of this. 

In addition, if you don’t want people to see that you have an Onlyfans account, you might consider making a separate email address to register with. 

Can You Sell Feet On Onlyfans?

How Much Money Can I Expect To Make Selling Feet On Onlyfans? 

It’s hard to answer this question and the amount of money you earn from each foot photograph sold on Onlyfans will vary from person to person. A lot of different factors will affect your earnings, one of the most important ones being to do with the quality of the content. 

High quality, visually striking images will earn a lot more attention and money than those that have been taken on a low grade camera. 

In general however, users selling foot photographs can expect to earn anywhere between 5 and 100 dollars per photo.

As we mentioned before, it’s a good idea to start out charging users somewhere on the lower end of this spectrum, at least until you gain some popularity and traction. 

A good way to determine if your account is gathering more interest, and gradually upping your earning potential is by selling bundles. You can sell your foot photographs in a package deal, and see how many users buy this.

If there is a high level of interest, then you know that people are genuinely invested in your photographs. This means that you can gradually increase the price. 

Promote Your Content

One of the best ways that you can make money via your Onlyfans account is simply by promoting it on other social media platforms.

If this is something that you’re comfortable doing, let your followers know about your account on apps such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. This will help to make your page more popular. 

If however, you want to keep your page as discreet as possible, you can create a Reddit account anonymously and simply post there. There are lots of subreddits dedicated to foot photographs, so you can let users know about your page on the platform. 

How To Take High Quality Foot Photographs 

As we mentioned before, the amount of profit that you’ll be able to garner from selling photographs of your feet on Onlyfans is completely dependent on the quality of your images. 

Make sure that whenever you’re taking your foot photographs, that you’re providing ones taken from a lot of different angles so that your viewers have a sense of variety. Choosing the same poses over and over again can become boring. 

Make sure that you’re taking the images on a good quality camera too, and consider investing in a ring light to make sure that the image is as well lit as possible. 

Another tip is to make sure that your feet look as presentable as possible, this means making sure that there are no blemishes of any sort on them. 

You can spice up your photos by changing certain things such as your nail polish, or adding in some toe rings or ankle bracelets. 

Final Thoughts

To sum up, you can absolutely sell photographs of feet on Onlyfans and make a profit. People can earn anywhere from 5 to a 100 dollars selling foot photos on the platform.

The amount of money you make will be completely dependent on the quality of your images, as well as how much you’re willing to promote your page.

Andrea Williams